All Will Fall Together


Maggie Wheeler, The Seaway Valley’s Queen of Crime returns with All Will Fall Together

With Jerry Strauss arrested of murder and her daughter back in her life, Farran Mackenzie battles her most challenging “blast from the past” since her arrival in the Seaway Valley; the return of the Moccasin train from the mists of time, a thundering phantasm that brings remembered fear and inexplicable deaths to a last generation from the Lost Villages.

All Will Fall Together is crime novelist Maggie Wheeler’s sixth murder mystery rooted in the Seaway Lost Villages and their present-day successors — and certainly her most ambitious to date. As heroine Farran Mackenzie faces her greatest challenges in her last adventure, she calls upon individuals from all her previous cases — bringing together amateur sleuths, investigative journalists, police detectives, and reminiscing old timers — to help solve the ultimate murder mystery. Just as “The Moccasin” linked the Lost Villages, this cast of characters unites the novels, as Maggie deftly weaves together the many strands of an ingenious plot. An accomplished writer, her deceptively straightforward prose, fueled by quick-paced dialogue, meticulously heightened suspense, and even the intentionally ambiguous title, leaves the reader eagerly anticipating the outcome. And it spells pure enjoyment. — Murray Berkley, Eastern Ontario local historian and author of Speaking of Avonmore and Speaking of Avonmore Once Again

ISBN: 978-1-77257-323-7 (PB)
ISBN: 978-1-77257-342-4 (eBook) – To be released at a later date


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