All Mortal Things

Inspector Jerry Strauss does not believe in ghosts.

As commander of the Stormont-Dundas-Glengarry detachment for the Ontario Provincial Police, he deals with facts, not fancies.  But he and Sterling House, now a B&B in Ingleside, have a long history, going back to his childhood when the house was a private home in the Lost Villages of Wales.  As a boy, things weren’t quite so black and white, and both the home and the village had an unearthly air that last summer before the flooding of the St. Lawrence Seaway caused the house to be moved and the village to disappear forever.  Death came to the house then, and now death has returned, nearly fifty years later.  Jerry Strauss soon discovers he’s connected to both.  If she were there, Farran Mackenzie would tell him to listen to the house.  Inspector Strauss isn’t sure he wants to hear what it has to say.

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