Ralph & Kathryn Gastmeier

The second of seven children, Ralph Gastmeier spent the free time of his formative years tramping through the rural landscape surrounding the city of Kitchener. He developed a deep affinity for the natural world and was struck with wanderlust, leading him to trek around the continent, sleeping in forests, mountainsides and beaches – wherever happenstance would deliver him.

Working as a photographer allowed more travel with Kathryn, his wife, after they met at university. While raising their three children, he became involved as a coordinator in the cooperative housing movement with the firm belief that housing is a human right and not a privilege. Because of the abundance of stories that come to his mind daily, he began recording them, to let them find their own destiny.

Kathyrn Gastmeier and her identical twin sister were born and raised in Jamaica. She showed an affinity for art from an early age and pursued her passion by studying fine arts at the University of Waterloo, where she met her husband. Togehter they travelled extensively while she sketched every new locale. The settled in Toronto and Kitchener where they raised three children. She continued with her creative endeavours and has illustrated cards, magazines and books including Yoga Education for Children by Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati, which has been distributed worldwide. She has paintings in numerous private collections and continues her life’s work.