Kimberley Doucette

Kimberley Doucette was born in St. John, NB, Canada, in 1974 and grew up in Miramichi, NB. A sensitive child, she endured a lot of hardships and bullying in school. Despite her beginnings, she became known quickly for her innate ability to understand symbolism, even doing dream interpretation on the playground from the age of twelve. She went on to graduate from St. Thomas University in 1997 with a B.A., Honours, in English Literature. She lived and worked in South Korea as an English teacher for four-plus years. She visited many Buddhist temples where she learned to meditate and quiet her mind. She backpacked extensively through several Asian countries. Kim lived in a tent in Australia for a year, working at farms. She connected profoundly to the land, the ways of the Aborigines, and to the animals; and, of course, the Outback. After settling in Alberta, Canada, she travelled to Uganda, Africa, where she taught orphans to read, first raising money for a Ugandan school and supplying them with beds, mattresses, desks, benches, mosquito nets, medecines, clothing, books, a new kitchen, and part of a new schoolroom.

After a stint in Brazil, and having relocated to Moncton, NB, Kim knew that it was time to put her extensive knowledge and life experiences to work. She went to Hawaii and got her Angel Therapy Practitioner Certificate amd opened up business back home as a psychic medium. She specialized in helping people understand personal growth and recognizing patterns and programs in their life, as well as grief counselling. 

Upon discovering her Native lineage, Kim learned the ways of her Miqmaq ancestors, going to weekly sweats for years, doing sacred fasts, working with a Native Elder and humbling herself to all of creation. She also took time out to embark on an adventure in Peru where she worked with several shamans, learning ancient techniques that she now uses in her shamanic healings, sound healings, and mediumship readings today. Kim now resides in Europe with her Slovenian husband and two stepchildren, doing online sessions, webinars and courses. She still enjoys travelling and won’t pass up on an adventure. You can find her at and join her worldwide community for building awareness around personal and spiritual growth; or at

“Fear of the unknown is what keeps us from living our dream. Living our dream helps make fear unknown.”