Dina Bell-Laroche

Dina’s life changed dramatically in 2001 after the death of her youngest sister, Tracy. Since then, her journey through grief has inspired her to advocate for greater grief and loss literacy. As a death educator, Integral Coach™ keynote speaker, and published author, Dina’s commitment to help the bereaved reimagine a new relationship with loss is unwavering. She activates this through workshops, speaking engagements, Grief Cafés, volunteer work, her blogs, and through Grief Unleashed.

Dina has held several senior leadership positions through her three decades in Canada’s high-performance sport sector, including the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport, the Canadian Olympic Committee, and, since 2010, as a Partner with Sport Law, a company devoted to elevating sport. Dina is certified as an Integral Coach and is a member in good standing with the International Coach Federations an accredited Professional Coach. In 2019, she enrolled as a student in thanatology at King’s College (University of Western Ontario) where she has immersed herself in topics related to social justice, trauma, children and adolescent loss, ethical issues in thanatology, and so much more. Throughout her extensive journey, Dina has discovered many grief gems that she shares in her book. Her knowledge runs deep. Her teachings are wise. Her heart-centred way of demystifying a taboo topic will leave you feeling more hopeful and less isolated. Her greatest hope is that people reimagine a new relationship with loss, and, in so doing, become more compassionate and present to life’s blessings.