About Burnstown Publishing House

Hello All,

Year five! Who knew!

Things are settling in here. We have refined our sales program to independent bookstores, libraries and gift shops, and where it counts most for us, the direct sales approach.

Still the great design team of Wendy and Harold and same editors plus a newbie. Julie Hartwick is the publicist, with background help from Tiffany and Chantal.

Just when you think you’ve heard and seen it all in the book business, out comes a few beauties that caught me by surprise and hope you will enjoy our new titles for 2019.

Can’t thank you enough for your continued support.


I’ve always been in love with books. . . the tactile experience, the fanning of the pages, the smell of the ink, the great covers and the wonders inside. . .

To be able to orchestrate the creative process with my team of talented people has always brought me great pleasure: from the first encounter with the author, to the links with the editor, proofreader, designer, printing, and . . . joy of joys, presenting the author with his or her book. Is there a better job?

I have been in the book business for over thirty-five years and have published more than 1,400 titles. My original publishing house (GSPH) was established in 1981 in the hamlet of Burnstown, Ontario, later moving to Renfrew in 2002 when for personal reasons I had to sell, but remained with the company. Now, in 2015, I have returned to my roots with my new company—Burnstown Publishing House.

I am happy with how the transition to the new house has gone so far, having most of my stable of editors and proofreaders come with me to BPH; and with the addition of Harold and Wendy as the art directors and Chantal Duguay-Hyatt as my new assistant, it is really looking good.

BPH will embrace the new, streamlined way of publishing. We will continue to use offset printing for large projects, but for short runs we will take advantage of modern technology and place orders through document-on-demand, digital printing. In today’s market, book publishing is a precarious undertaking: this approach will give us greater flexibility, and we will not require a large warehouse. In short, our business will be more cost-effective. As for marketing, we will focus on selling to independent bookstores, gift shops, and libraries across Canada more so than to the chain stores whose demand for high discounts is not cost-effective for publishers. In keeping with the expanding trade, we will convert our print books to e-books and distribute them to several e-book outlets.

Thanks to all of you from the past who have helped me along the way. I wish you all the best.

Burnstown Publishing House—designed to serve both the printed and e-book markets.


Tim Gordon, Publisher
T. (613) 509-1090