The Caregiver’s Companion

Judith Campbell has written this book to help caregivers like you find balance in your life and “stillness” in the centre of your being. It is from this place of inner stillness that you become a healing presence to those in your care and enter a new and gratifying dimension of caregiving.

Research has shown that a caregiver’s inner experience of positive energy is transmittable to the person in his or her charge. The person in receipt of care, therefore, either feels the way a caregiver delivers care as a gift or a burden.

It is Judith’s intent that the offering of care be both given and received as a gift that is further  exchanged back and forth between caregiver and care receiver, lightening the load for each. And  she firmly believes this is achievable. She describes the caregiver experience as a journey in which the caregiver and care receiver merge for a time, on their individual journeys, to become one on a common path.

With numbers of family caregivers in Canada soaring to nearly five million (approximately forty-four million in USA), it is critical that the caregiving experience be examined in this way with the potential reward of experiencing joy in the caregiving challenge.

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Author Titles:
Walking Between the Worlds ─ Book Two
Walking Between the Worlds ─ Book One
Energy Wellness
I Brake for Butterflies


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