I Brake for Butterflies ─ Finding Divinity in All That Is

I Brake for Butterflies ─ Finding Divinity in All That Is, by Judith M. Campbell, invites the reader to experience a new level of consciousness–the Divine.

The author teaches us how to find meaning in life by acknowledging the divinity we all have within us and by understanding that it is this that connects us to each other and to a higher power. Everything in creation, she says, is connected. In this place of spiritual connectedness, inertia and depression are replaced by excitement.

Mrs. Campbell describes for us the “dark night of the soul” and suggests ways to deal with it: practicing the “alchemy of gratitude,” simplifying life, reaching out to others, finding the divine in nature. Techniques such as meditation, yoga, walking the maze, and retreats are also suggested. Finally we can experience peace and realize our human potential.

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Author Titles:
Walking Between the Worlds ─ Book Two
Walking Between the Worlds ─ Book One
Energy Wellness
The Caregiver’s Companion


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