A Master of Deception ─ Working Undercover for the RCMP


This true-crime book, by Robert Knuckle, is based on the life of Staff Sergeant Carl MacLeod, an accomplished undercover operator for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

As a man of many names and identities, MacLeod enjoyed a long and storied police career in covert international investigations that led him to infiltrate the Mafia and penetrate the upper strata of Asian and Columbian drugsmuggling syndicates, where he made many arrests and confiscated millions of dollars worth of illicit drugs.

A Master of Deception presents Carl MacLeod’s most dramatic adventures, which were always secret, often dangerous, and usually shrouded in intrigue.  His experiences reveal the powerful police resources he had at his disposal and disclose many of the secret methods and procedures he employed in his clandestine work.

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