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You Can Do It: The Definitive Guide to Successful Supervision


This book contains nuggets of pure gold—clear, practical truths about the realities faced by line
supervisors and middle managers, drawn from the real-life experiences of one who has been there, done that, and achieved success after success for himself, his team, and his company.

Not just another leadership book. Not the next fad theory.

Peter Pallas has distilled the experiences of his forty successful years of leading teams into clear, concise behaviours, attitudes, and strategies that are the nuts and bolts of effective, successful management.

  • Relationships—whom you manage: your team, your boss, your suppliers, your customers
  • Leadership—integrity, courage and trust
  • Disruptive people—how to deal with them
  • Decision making—a core leadership skill

Every important lesson is supported by stories from the real world of Peter Pallas’s life experience. Whether you are an experienced supervisor or new to management, you will get a fresh and practical perspective on how to build your skill and get the most out of your career.


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