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Sapphire Blue


Sharp satire, romantic comedy and a baffling mystery combine for a delightful new novel, SAPPHIRE BLUE by Gord Hume.

Samantha Summers is a beautiful redhead from New York recovering from a bitter divorce when she moves to the Gulf Coast of Florida. There she struggles to regain her inner strength among the quirky characters and humorous situations of her new and very different life.

Then, shockingly, she becomes the primary suspect in a bloody murder in the condo’s notorious hot tub in the grotto. She and her two new best friends must become amateur detectives to help the Sherriff prove her innocence.

At the same time, deep corruption in city hall threatens the small city, and Samantha discovers that not all the sharks live in the Gulf.

This is a warm and funny novel of redemption, personal growth and rediscovering love. The humour and the smart observations about life today combine with cleverly drawn characters and surprising plot twists for a great read.

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