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Riotous Assembly


Written by Judith Millar, this is the sequel to Grave Concern …Local labour leader served up on ice—on Valentine’s Day! Kate’s bestie Mary O’Beirne gone barmy. Live-in Leonard acting strangely. Even stranger goings-on at the hospital. Riots up at the mill. Threatening notes on the family grave. Ex-heartthrob J.P.’s nasty brother back in town. Pet raven Raw-Raw not herself. Friend Marce badly burned in a re. Old frenemy Greta babbling incomprehensibly. What the hell is going on? On the verge of the Dreaded Five-O, beset by embarrassing ailments, still struggling to fit into her hometown, Kate Smithers not so much steers an investigation as knocks about in a fog of speculation on the death banquet at which she finds herself reluctant guest. One thing for sure: Kate’s indomitable spirit, and a few other spirits as well, will keep popping back up.


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