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Provenance of the Stones


Agatha Haggarty is young, beautiful, and a hag—as healers were called in the old country. It is the 1850s, and Aggie is on her way to the Province of Canada by sailing ship guided by a tale handed down to her from her mum. It’s an arduous month at sea and her adventures begin when she befriends Jen and Donnah, bunks with an orphan, and is shocked to discover that he is on board.

The seasoned, weary travelers land at the port of Quebec, and Aggie makes an unexpected decision. She and her companions travel together farther inland to Upper Canada, where their fortunes and adventures begin to weave together at Victoria’s Inn.

They combine their resources and settle in a cottage not far from Perth. It is a sturdy, modest log house with a large stone fireplace. Her mum had foretold, “…heed stones of hearth for secrets deep and search for stone of truths to keep…”

This is the Provenance of the Stones

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  1. Rideau Lakes author Patricia Josefchak has released a new book entitled Provenance of the Stones, a historical fiction mystery, set in the 1850s in the Rideau Lakes area.

    Josefchak calls Otter Lake home and has a passion for family, history, music and her home and garden on her tiny slice of lakefront in eastern Ontario.

    “The Rideau Lakes area and its history have inspired me,” said Josefchak.

    The historical mystery centres around three young women who immigrate to the province of Canada in the 1850s.

    Drawn to each other like sisters, Aggie, Jen, and Donnah decide to journey together, and Aggie lands in Quebec with more than she started with. They travel inland and settle in a cottage not far from Perth and Smiths Falls in Upper Canada. Aggie is a “hag” and her services as a healer are welcome in the wilderness; Donnah is a first-rate cook and finds work at a local inn, as does Jen, who is a seamstress.

    Aggie tends to a neighbour who has a large homestead nearby; his injury remains unexplained, but she does not pry. Trust and new friendships are tested. But later she learns that he and others are involved with events south of the border where civil discord is brewing.

    The cottage is burgled, and the small safe hidden behind a stone in the fireplace is discovered; papers are lost, fortunes are found, and love is rekindled.

    “My imagination loves small towns and their history,” Josefchak says in an email to the Record News. “They provide realistic links to previous and future generations in ways that cities cannot do with any warmth or believability.

    “I love storytelling, especially what I like to call ‘sunny reading for rainy days,’” she said. “I like happy endings and satisfying in-betweens.”

    Josefchak said that she tries to stay true to larger and more important dates and events in history and use that to govern my characters — the rest she said is history and within that there is mystery.

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