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Loving Your Life ─ An illustrated how-to book on becoming who you are and loving it, through passionate, creative living

The author shares her way of life and training in the arts to help the reader to attain happiness.

Elke Scholz is an artist and an art therapist who dedicates her time to passing on her philosophy, tips, and techniques. She addresses the need for listening—to ourselves and to others. She stresses the importance and efficacy of journalling. She points out the importance of spiritual pursuits—meditation, a walk in the woods, listening to special music, reading spiritual material . . .

Then there is the question of creativity. Elke goes into this aspect of our possibilities very deeply, pointing out the stumbling blocks and suggesting ways to remove them; discusses how to stimulate our creative energy; and, finally, how to translate our creativity into an art form. Here is hope for those of us who would like to live more fully and creatively.

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