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Inside the Wild 2 — More Stories about Life and Death in the Wild

Seven years after Inside the Wild, L.W. Oakley, has returned with Inside the Wild 2 — More Stories about Life and Death in the Wild. With thirty-five new first-hand, true stories written in the tradition of William Faulkner’s Big Woods: The Hunting Stories, Oakley takes the reader deep inside the disappearing wilderness of Ontario using vivid storytelling and poetic writing to provide simple, powerful insights into life and death. It will get you thinking about the hidden world of the hunter, the wilderness, and the thin grey line that separates each of us from that world.

Inside the Wild 2 will appeal to hunters because Oakley captures in words what they feel in their hearts. It takes you inside the predatory lives and minds of the animals that live in the wild, and reveals the fascinating rituals of the ultimate predator—the hunter.

But this book is also aimed at bringing people without hunting backgrounds or knowledge back to nature through an honest, unfiltered look at hunting. Larry brings you into a world you haven’t seen and don’t understand. He shows you the art and literature of the wild and makes you feel like you are right there with him, and Larry also takes you across the thin grey line into the world of mass production and the ‘civilized killing’ of animals.

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2 reviews for Inside the Wild 2 — More Stories about Life and Death in the Wild

  1. Administrator

    Hunters with a strong respect for the traditional aspects of the activity will enjoy this book. It chronicles what hunting in Ontario is all about and how it influences us.

    Matt Nicholls, Ontario Out of Doors

  2. Administrator

    I always love a good read about the outdoors but I have to admit to not being able to put this one down.

    Chris Hockley, Outdoor Writers of Canada

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