Patricia Josefchak

Patricia Josefchak has several passions, including her marriage and family, history, music, and their home and garden on a tiny slice of lakefront in Eastern Ontario. She has her Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and her Master’s degree in Management Science, both from the University of Waterloo.

“My imagination loves small towns and their history. Small towns are the settings for many of my ideas. They provide realistic links to previous and future generations in ways that cities cannot do with any warmth or believability. I love storytelling, especially what I like to call ‘sunny reading for rainy days.’ I like happy endings and satisfying in-betweens.”
Author Titles:
The Telling Stones Aggie’s Tale Book I 
Provenance of the Stones
Touchstones: Provenance of the Stones Book II

Keystones: Provenance of the Stones Book III
Gemstones – Provenance of the Stones Book IV
A Creative Frame of Mind: A workbook for writers
Pearls in the Snow
Angel on Her Knees
Keys of the Hollow


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