Donald J. Beauprie

AuthorDon Beauprie was born and raised in Montreal.  His parents were both teachers. On the first day of school holidays, his family departed the city for their leasehold cottage in Algonquin Park and returned two months later on the day before school started in September. Summers were spent exploring on foot and by canoe, hiking, swimming, tripping, and later, helping his father, Lennox, repair and build cottages. In his teens, Don guided canoe trips for hotel guests and a children’s camp. Both he and his father enjoyed photography. Many of the early photos in the book were taken by Lennox. Some of the author’s own photographs have won prizes in Ontario Nature magazine.

In high school, Don enjoyed English literature and wrote a weekly column for the Canadian High News. Although English literature continued to be a favourite subject, Don entered dentistry after graduating from McGill with a Bachelor of Science in chemistry. This career choice provided the independence he craved to spend lots of holidays in the Park. With that in mind, he set up a preventive dentistry practice in Deep River, a pretty town on the Ottawa River, which is close to the Park. Don and his wife, Jean, have holidayed at the family cottage in their cherished Algonquin Park every summer with their three children, and now with their five grandchildren.

Destination Algonquin Park: Tracks to Cache Lake and the Highland Inn is the result of twenty years of research.

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If you have any further information to add to a topic mentioned in this book, please contact Don Beauprie. He welcomes all comments, corrections, and feedback at Box 368, Deep River, ON K0J 1P0.

Author Title:  Destination Algonquin Park: Tracks to Cache Lake and the Highland Inn

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