William R. Byers

AuthorWILLIAM ROBERT BYERS was born on September 20, 1946, at the Smiths’ Hospital in Hawkesbury, Ontario, the only son of Charles (Carol) E. Byers and Marion Allen. Two much older sisters, Ruth and Mary, and a younger sister, Anne, completed the family. Fenham was their home, and the Green Lane community was their playground.

Bill (Billy, Billie) was educated at S.S.#2, West Hawkesbury (Green Lane School), blessed with an excellent education provided by Susan Barton, Ruth Cunning, Mona Ward, and Etta Gourlay. After five years at Vankleek Hill Collegiate Institute, he left home to seek higher education, achieving a degree in Agriculture from the Ontario Agricultural College, University of Guelph, in 1968, and in due time, degrees in Education from McArthur College at Queen’s (1972) and Theology from Montreal Diocesan Theological College at McGill (1992).

Along the way, Bill and Audrey were married and two kids, Steven and Shannon, added joy to their lives. He farmed for a bit; had great fun teaching science to lots of kids in Alexandria, Hawkesbury, and Vankleek Hill; renovated an old house; finished a new one; wrote a book; and, with the help of many talented people, built another house from scratch, helped write two chemistry textbooks, and generally enjoyed life.

In 1992, Bill was ordained first as a deacon and then as a priest in the Anglican tradition. What a privilege it has been to serve congregations in Ottawa, Morrisburg, Iroquois, and Riverside Heights!

The family has grown. Shannon and Chris have blessed Audrey and Bill with grandsons Liam, Owen, and Evan; and Steven and Jill have added further joy with Sam and Henry.

Now retired, Bill enjoys dabbling in teaching, ministry, and telling stories that honour the special people who so often remain unheralded. He maintains his interest in agriculture and still has an eye for a fine Holstein cow. The custodian of the Byers family letters, Bill is hoping to make this collection accessible to more people. This book is a first step.

Author Title:  For Everything There is a Season… Tales from Fenham Farm

To contact the author email Bill Buyers.

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  1. Roger Legault Reply

    Hi Bill. Just saw your site and thought I should say hello and to let you know that I am still in this world. I did learn many things from you and you share did help evolve in character. I wish you all good things. Take care. Roger Legaul

  2. William Edward Nelson Byers Reply

    I am related , my grandfather, Hudson Reveler Byers was born in Hawkesbury, Ontario. My father was Garnet Nelson Byers, one of 5 sons of Hudson and Marion Fraser (Holmes) Byers..

  3. Tim Wheeler Reply

    Hello William R. Byers. My name is George ‘Tim’ Wheeler and I am the Great great great grandson of Captain Byers. I am just today discovering my ancestry through ancestry.com. I look forward to reading your book about our shared heritage. Cheers to you.

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