Paton Lodge Lindsay

Paton Lodge LindsayPaton Lodge Lindsay was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Her interests have always involved the out-of-doors. She attributes her very early introduction to nature to the days spent with her grandfather in his canoe, and her lifetime love and respect for nature to Trapper. She always travels with camera or palette in hand and has won several photography awards. Paton’s photography credits include several magazine covers and a fire poster for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Ontario Forestry Association.

It has been said of her wilderness painting that she “captured the soul of the earth.” Although shy and pleasingly quiet, both her enthusiasm and knowledge of the bush come to life once in her wilderness domain.

Over the years, Paton has sat on the executive of several trappers’ councils and local citizens’ forest management advisory committees. She has rescued numerous wild animals; nurtured and even vetted them when required before returning them to the wild.

Paton has always been concerned with the well-being of wildlife and habitat and has for decades been a constructive activist opposing the massive clear-cuts that in her opinion leave only the perception of wilderness. Her major concerns over the loss of wildlife habitat and the destruction of the environment — due, in her opinion, to forest management policies — have prompted her to make several addresses to environmental assessment hearings, including a major presentation to the Class Environmental Assessment for Timber Management on Crown Lands in Ontario (EA87/02, 1990). Paton was the only woman in Canada to sit on The National Firearms Advisory Council to the Solicitor General of Canada at the time of its inception in 1979.

Paton is a published writer of many poems, short stories, and environmental writings in newspapers and magazines. The King’s Ransom is her second book — a companion book to King of Algonquin Park.

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  1. Karen Smith Reply

    I loved your book….King of Algonquin Park….your passion and love of the outdoors, your writing, photography and artwork…..Thank you for sharing your life in the wilderness.

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