John Owens

AuthorBorn of Canadian parents in Liverpool, England in 1953, John Owens was raised in Ottawa and drilled in English literature in Peterborough and Kingston. He earned a BA in English Literature from Trent University and an MA from Queen’s University.

His second novel, The Sixth String, is a look at the seldom-looked at fate of the Roma in general and artists in particular under Nazi persecution.

His first book, On the Rails, is a Depression-era saga set pretty well everywhere in Canada.

John is one of those “late to writing” authors you sometimes hear about, having spent thirty-five years writing for other people. He owns an (as yet) unpublished Caribbean-flavoured collection of short stories called Under This Difficult Sun and is presently at work on two other novels, tentatively entitled 4A and 4B. Heedless of apparent public opinion, he has vowed to keep writing at least until the Leafs win the Cup. Recently, he moved to Morrisburg, Ontario with his astonishingly tolerant wife, Maggie.

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