Elke Scholz

AuthorAll her life, Elke Scholz has understood the connection between the arts and living. For her, the elements connect at every level, and she is able to simplify concepts and relay this to other people in a simple, approachable way. Elke communicates this understanding, as well as her own artistic vision, in numerous ways.

Expressive Arts Therapy:

Elke Scholz, MA, is a well-known artist and an Expressive Arts Therapist. She has her Masters in Expressive Arts Therapy. She holds a postgraduate certificate in Expressive Arts with Fleming College and a diploma as an Expressive Arts Therapist from the private college ISIS Canada.

Elke has been helping people since 1980. Her calm approach invites a comfortable space for people to try new things. Elke can be with clients in their darkest, hardest times. Her acute awareness and high sensitivity are tremendous assets for her clients and make her distinctive in her field. Elke works well with teams of educators, social workers, doctors, corporations, organizations, and groups.

Elke has spent thirty years painting, art coaching, and managing her successful art studio in Canada. As a writer, she has had her work and articles published in over twelve national magazines and books, along with this second printing of Loving Your Life.

Programs for Youth:

Most of Elke’s research is in attachment, trauma, and loss using Expressive Arts. Her focus is on building the strengths of young people. Elke facilitates a youth grief and loss recovery program that she designed and developed for Hospice in the Muskoka area. This program continues to be extremely successful in helping youth and their families to cope with their grief and trauma. In this program, she mentors teen- and hospice-trained volunteers.

Other group programs, which she facilitates in the schools, are successful in assisting youth-at-risk with creative living and learning to become re-engaged with attending class and gaining life skills.

Frame of Reference:

  • Curiosity
  • Mystery
  • Discovery
  • Guidance
  • Co-creating
  • Non-positional, flexible, client-centred solutions

Elke’s Own Creative Daily Principles and Practices:

  • Daily gratitude journalling, morning and evening
  • Long meditative walks through nature
  • Joyfully hand-raising chickens, both as egg layers, therapy aids, and entertainment
  • Writing poetry
  • Community drumming workshops
  • Learning to play the flute and the piano
  • Hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, and sketching in the great, wondrous outdoors
  • Inspirational reading
  • Exploring philosophy and spirituality with different local discussion groups
  • Exploring life, love, and the universe
  • Expressing it all in painting and sketches

Visit Elke’s website to view her most recent paintings: www.elkescholz.com. Included on the website are upcoming shows and speaking engagements.

Author Title:  Loving Your Life ─ An illustrated how-to book on becoming who you are and loving it, through passionate, creative living.

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