Dr. Helen Douglas

author_webHelen Douglas is a retired veterinarian who spent most of her life living, riding and practicing veterinary medicine in the Ottawa Valley. In Williams’s Gift,stories of an early career as a country veterinarian when there were few women in that profession take one back to a time that has passed ─ when veterinarians and doctors made house calls, attended births and deaths and often stayed for tea. Reflecting a deep love of Lanark County and its people, the memoirs in William’s Gift portray honestly the ups and down of daily life as a veterinarian and a woman working in a nontraditional field. Joy and sadness intermingle with stories of personal growth, trials and triumphs. William’s Gift And Helen’s second book Horse of a Lifetime can be purchased by contacting the author, now living in Nova Scotia near her family home, on the “Dr. Helen Douglas, Author” Facebook page.

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