Barry M. Risk

AuthorBorn in Bristol, England and immigrating to Canada, Barry Risk has enjoyed all the riches that Canada can provide. A thirty-five year career in Customs has made him aware of the vastness and the wealth of this country.

The father of three wonderful children and married to a strong woman, Barry has lived and seen many changes to his area of expertise, border protection. After attending Carleton University, where he studied history and English, Barry joined the Federal Civil Service in 1975. His career began in Toronto and finished off at the Canadian Border Service Agency headquarters, but in between, he has visited or worked in many parts of Canada.

Barry has won many awards of excellence, including the Ministerial Award; he has taken pride in receiving the Peacekeeper and Peace Officers medals and the 125 Medal.

Barry has always been proud of the Customs Service and the dedicated people who work there.

The Thinner Blue Line ─ The Life and Times of a Dedicated Customs Officer

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  • on May 18, 2015
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